Flickr Gallery Modified for GoDaddy

Danny Douglass created an excellent flickr photo gallery for Blogengine.NET. It's located here. Since GoDaddy is my host, I have to deal with medium trust issues, so Danny's gallery wouldnt work for me. Fortunately, Danny released the source for this module, so I modified it for my purposes.

After debugging a bit, I found that the security on my IIS 7 hosted site wouldn't allow me to cache downloaded flickr photos. You would think that I could just point the cache folder to one on my site with write permissions. Unfortunately, the FlickrNET provider that the gallery was built with asks for a location in the <drive>:\<folder> format (for example: c:\Inetpub\temp). I noticed that it would be possible to find out the drive/folder location of my site on my webhost, but its likely my website wouldn't be able to access the local file system, so I didn't go wandering down that road. Besides, who knows when they might change it.

To get things going, I simply disabled the the flickr caching. The first function that is called when the gallery is accessed is called GetPhotoSets(). I added Flickr.CacheDisabled = true; as the first line of module to make this happen. I rearranged some other code as well, but this was the main thing.

To use my modified version:

  1. Remove any previous installations first (remove the files)
  2. Unzip the contents of the attached zip of to the root of your website
  3. Add your flickr api key, shared secret, etc to your web.config (same as Danny's original)
  4. Reference the theme being used in Default.aspx and PhotoAlbum.aspx (same as Danny's original)
  5. Create a content place holder called "scriptholder" in the head section of your selected theme site.master (add <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="scriptholder" runat="server" />)
  6. Go to <your website url>/photos
  7. Go to Danny's website to thank him for his great Blogengine.NET addition (115.79 kb)

Web.Config (14.29 kb)

Hey Neibor!

So, the first time I met my neighbor, there was no "Hi, I'm Curtis". Rather it was "Hey, I noticed you have unused television cable on the side of your house". Following his introduction, Curtis informed me that he would mow my lawn as compensation for him using that extra cable on the side of my house. Being that it was the middle of winter, I didn't quite understand his logic. Besides, he could buy his own cable, so I simply dismissed his request and bid him farewell. Several months passed…
Last night I cam home to find a note in my door (shown below). So, I gave old Curtis a call. Apparently Curtis couldn't resist looking at that unused cable on the side of my house any longer and decided to connect it to his cable box. The note just served as a courtesy notice; he was just wanted to check and see if my channels were showing static, because his kind of were. At least my "neibor" let me know he was stealing my cable. Long story short, I ended up telling Curtis, "Gee, I don't know why it stopped working" . What a friggin' moron. 
I recently read an article explaining that 32% of Americans are legally retarded.  I would be more curious to know the distribution of those 32% as it relates to Fort Scott Kansas. 

curtis' note

Site redesign in progress

Alas, I have moved away from PHP and MySQL (wordpress) towards .NET and MSSQL (, although I still have many negative feelings towards Microsoft (mostly because of their licensing/DRM policies) and many positives toward open source and freedom from cost. WordPress rocks, don't get me wrong; boy wordpress and I sure had a lot of fun. Yet, I am training for MS certifications, and coding in dotnet just comes natural anymore. Plus Visual Studio 2k5 blows any php editor out of the water. With the advent of .NET being released to the open community by Microsoft, I foresee a foothold on the web app scene by .NET. Besides, any one who codes both languages knows that that C# is a more polished C language than PHP is anyway; plus its available class library is far more organized. I dig organization, now if I could just get over the whole selling out thing… oh and I love my Xbox.

Pool Jumping

So Kyle was drunk and wanted to go swimming. Thats what he said anyways. Sounded like a bad idea to me but what do i know. We let him go. After a while I was curious, so then I decided to go find the guy. I walk by the first stair case next to the pool; I spot police baracade tape. He hurt himself bad enough for the cops to be called? I see the cops standing by the front desk. I feel obligated to go see what the matter is. I see Kyle argueing. He jumped into the pool after being told not to. Dumbass.

Kyle was tired after arguing with cops